à b (2016)

for solo piano

In memoriam Pierre Boulez

Publisher: Bardic Edition

Score in preparation

Duration: c. 20 minutes


First performance: Tuesday 23 February 2016; Youngblood Gallery, 70-72 Bree Street, Cape Town, South Africa; Coila Enderstein piano.

Programme note

For this memorial work for Pierre Boulez who died earlier this year, I appropriated seven chords from his Improvisation I sur Mallarmé, and re-used them in various ways to simulate the sound of bells tolling. Boulez himself would probably not have countenanced this kind of music, and I was never interested to compose in the manner of Boulez, but his importance as a leading figure in the twentieth century can never be ignored. The material began life as a collaborative work with Sean Blem visual artist and Hideto Heshiki choregrapher, dancer which had the working title Hyperextension.


Piano music