Shard (2014)

for solo piano

Requested by Nicolas Horvath for his GlassWorlds project

Publisher: Bardic Edition

Published in: Collected Shorter Piano Pieces Vol 2 (2015) – Bardic Edition BDE 954

Duration: c. 2 minutes


First performance: Friday 9 January 2015; Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, New York, United States; Nicolas Horvath piano.

Programme note

To try to present the essence of Philip Glass’s monolithic work in just two minutes is a crazy undertaking. This tiny reflection on his music takes fleeting glimpses and inserts them between what would be the strong pulses or pillars in a typically Glassian texture. But the latter is never heard, only soft staccato chords - sometimes familiar, sometimes less so – notated as acciaccaturas, the music between the cracks as it were.


Piano music