Si Lu Sapo Variations (2013)

for solo piano

Publisher: Bardic Edition

Duration: c. 13 minutes


First performance: Wednesday 24 July 2013, 16h00; Gentschefestspiele at Gentse Sommerfeesten, Ghent, Belgium; Michael Blake piano.

Programme note

Reuben Caluza’s choral song Si Lu Sapo or iLand Act was composed in 1913 in response to the passing of the ‘Land Act’ by the British colonial government, restricting black ownership of land in the Cape. The apartheid government later extended this to the whole country and only since 1994 is land being returned to its rightful owners.

Si Lu Sapo Variations commemorates the centenary of the passing of this law. The variations are presented non-sequentially, with Caluza’s song heard only at the end, in its original harmonisation.


Piano music