From the Stoep (2012–2012)

Three Easy Pieces for Piano Duet

Requested by Antony Gray for his 'Il Maestro e lo Scolare' piano duet project

Publisher: Bardic Edition


Recorded by Antony Gray (secondo) and Jackson Caines (primo) on 'Il Maestro e lo Scolare: Duets for Teacher and Student' (Classical Media CM2501/1).


First performance: Friday 21 July 2017; Le Genesteix, France; Coila-Leah Enderstein and Michael Blake piano four hands.

Programme note

Taking the ‘classic’ duets by Stravinsky as its jumping-off point, here with an easier ‘primo’ part, these vignettes reimagine specifically Southern African (including Madagascan) musics through the lens of the twentieth century piano landscape. They were a response to a request by Antony Gray for his “Il maestro e lo scolare” project, a double CD recorded with some 50 of his students. From the Stoep is dedicated to Stephanus and Elmi Muller and lasts about 8 minutes.


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