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#CategoryTitleDateScore Status
241Dramatic works
Music: Piano Concerto No 2 for piano and seven instruments
2013Parts on hire
242Dramatic works
Music for an imaginary ballet for guitar and chamber ensemble (2 clarinets/bass clarinets, percussion: 2 rattles/2 woodblocks/4 tuned drums (1 player), violin, cello)
1988Parts on hire
243Orchestral works
Transcription of The Philosophy of Composition (2009) 2+picc.2.2.2-
2013Parts on hire
244Orchestral works
2006Parts on hire
245Orchestral works
for two solo violins and string orchestra
1998Parts on hire
246Orchestral works
for harp and strings
2007Parts on hire
247Orchestral works
for chamber orchestra:
1992Parts on hire
248Orchestral works
for string orchestra (violins 1 & 2, violas, cellos 1 & 2, double basses)
1992Parts on hire
249Orchestral works
for tenor, horn and strings
2004Parts on hire
250Solo vocal works
for singing saw (or soprano) and 11 players (alto flute/flute, oboe/cor anglais, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, bass trombone, piano, string quartet)
2007Parts on hire