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#CategoryTitleDateScore Status
221Piano music
for two unsynchronised pianos
222Piano music
Transcription of 'Symphony ("From the Third World") for orchestra' for two pianos
223Piano music1984Unpublished
224Piano music
Concert transcription of Reuben Caluza for solo piano
225Solo vocal works
Arrangement of Schoenberg "Sechs Lieder Op 3 Nr 6" for mezzo-soprano and 11 players (flute/piccolo, oboe/cor anglais, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet in C, bass trombone, 2 violins, viola, 2 cellos)
226Solo vocal works
Arrangement of Solage for low voice and instruments for bass, two bass clarinets (2nd = contrabass clarinet ad lib), viola, cello, piano, bass marimba
227Solo vocal works
for solo voice
228Solo vocal works
for voice and closed piano (or four tuned drums)
229Solo vocal works
voice and closed piano
230Solo vocal works
for voice alone
231Solo vocal works
for soprano and piano
232Solo vocal works
for tenor and string quartet
233Chamber music
for elastic scoring
1996Parts on hire
234Chamber music
for piano and 7 instruments (flute/piccolo), bass clarinet/clarinet in Bb, trumpet in C, bass trombone, violin, viola, cello)
2013Parts on hire
235Chamber music
for clarinet/bass clarinet, trumpet/flugelhorn, marimba/vibraphone, piano, amplified cello
1986Parts on hire
236Chamber music
for string quartet and piano
1986Parts on hire
237Chamber music
for baroque flute, baroque violin, baroque viola, viola da gamba, baroque cello, violone, harpsichord and electric guitar
2000Parts on hire
238Chamber music
for guitar and chamber ensemble (2 clarinets/bass clarinets, percussion: 2 rattles/2 woodblocks/4 small drums (1 player), violin, cello)
1988Parts on hire
239Dramatic works
for flugelhorn, fretless electric bass, piano, tape and video
2003Parts on hire
240Dramatic works
Film music for flute, bass clarinet, viola and piano
2000Parts on hire