International New Music Indaba at the National Arts Festival 2000-2006

In progress…
2000: UnCaged
Composers in Residence: Kevin Volans and Makhaya Mjana
Ensembles in Residence: Ensemble LOOS, Ensemble SISU, Duke Quartet
Featured Composers: Cage, Volans
Opera Production: John Cage Europera 5

2001: Spaces and Odysseys
Composers in Residence: Stanley Glasser and Phelelani Mnomiya
Ensembles in Residence: Fitzwilliam Quartet, Musicatreize
Other Featured Composers: Ligeti, Satie, Grainger, Daniel Matej
Opera Production: Videosonix Triple Bill

2002: UnThemed/MultiThemed
Composers in Residence: Martijn Padding, Theo Loevendie
Ensembles in Residence: Ensemble Insomnio, AMM
Opera Production: Double Bill: Mauricio Kagel Phonophonie + Rodney Waschka II Sappho's Breath

2003: Stockhausen at 75 & Sisters in the Mix
Composers in Residence: Christina Viola Oorebeek, Theo Loevendie,
Matteo Fargion and Jürgen Bräuninger
Ensembles in Residence: Sontonga Quartet, Ancuza Aprodu & Thierry Miroglio
Featured Composer: Stockhausen
Opera Production: OperaWorks - The Concert

2004: New Tonalities
Composer in Residence: Madosini
Ensemble in Residence: Ensemble NOW
Featured Composer: Charles Ives
Opera Production: Tom Johnson The Four Note Opera

2005: Imagining Africa
Composer in Residence and Featured Composer: Justinian Tamusuza
Ensembles in Residence: POW Ensemble, Dawn Padmore & Darryl Hollister

2006: Reimagining Mozart
Composer in Residence: Ulrich Süße
Ensembles in Residence: Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, Daan Vandewalle
Featured Composer: Mozart

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