Three Venda Children's Songs (1996)
for solo guitar
  1. Counting Song (0'40")
  2. My Bullroarer (0'50")
  3. Singing Game (1'05")
African Journal No 23
In memory of John Blacking
Commissioned by Trinity College London for the Examinations in Guitar Grades 1, 2 and 3
Publisher: Bardic Edition
Score BDE 799
Available from Goodmusic Publishing
Published individually by Trinity College London

Programme note
When Charles Ramirez was overhauling the guitar syllabi for the Trinity College grade exams he asked me if I would contribute pieces for the first three grades, and expressed the wish that these would have something of an ‘African’ aesthetic. I turned again to John Blacking’s transcriptions, this time those of Venda Children’s Songs, and chose three pieces that I felt would translate well into guitar music which was technically elementary but musically challenging. They were commissioned by Trinity College London who first published them in 1997.

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