Let us run out of the rain (1986)
for vibraphone and marimba (4 players)
Arranged 1995
African Journal No 7c

Dedicated to Ensemble Bash
Commissioned by Chris Brannick for Ensemble Bash
Publisher: Bardic Edition
Playing score BD 0318 (2 copies included)
Available from
Goodmusic Publishing
Duration: 7'30"

Recorded by Ensemble Bash on "Damba Moon" (SoundCircus SC006)

First performance: Friday 1 March 1996; The King’s School, Canterbury, United Kingdom; Ensemble Bash.
Further performances: 19.07.1996; Purcell Room, London; Ensemble Bash (London premiere); 14.05.2000; Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth, Australia; Tetrafide Percussion (Australian premiere); 7.06.2000; Tokyo; Shun-ka-shu-toh Percussion Quartet (Japanese premiere); 7.08.2000; New Music Week, University of Western Australia, Perth; Tetrafide Percussion; 24.06.2001; Studio für Neue Musik, Würzburg, Germany; Residenz Quartett Würzburg (German premiere); 7.07.2001; Music in Quiet Places, Eastwood Theatre, Eastwood, Notts, UK; Ensemble Bash; 18.07.2001; Music in Quiet Places, All Saints Church, Harworth, Notts, UK; Ensemble Bash; 19.07.2001; Music in Quiet Places, Wellspring Church, Upper Saxondale, Notts, UK; Ensemble Bash; 20.07.2001; Music in Quiet Places, St Giles Church, Newark, Notts, UK; Ensemble Bash; 31.07.2001; Dartington Summer School of Music, Totnes, Devon, UK; Ensemble Bash; 25.09.2003; Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham, UK; Ensemble Bash; 1.10.2003; Cranleigh School, Surrey, UK; Ensemble Bash

Programme note
Let us run out of the rain paraphrases Nsenga kalimba (thumb piano) music recorded in the Petauke District of Zambia (in southern Africa) by John Blacking in 1961, and transcribed by him. The tunes were composed and performed by Gideon Bingaili, Ackson Lungu, Taiad Mwanza and Ackson Zuly. The work was originally composed for piano or harpsichord duet and also transcribed for orchestra with the title Kalimba. It was premiered by Roy Stratford and Michael Blake at the British Music Information Centre, London on 23 June 1986. This version for percussion quartet was commissioned by Chris Brannick for Ensemble Bash in 1995 and premiered at the Purcell Room, London on 19 July 1996. It is scored for marimba (2 players) and vibraphone (2 players). Ensemble Bash has recorded Let us run out of the rain on ‘Damba Moon’ (SoundCircus SC006).

“Michael Blake's composition Let us run out of the rain persists in the memory, captivating above all with its playfulness and simplicity, with the infusion of a poetic sense characterized by clarity of ideas and delight in the creation of music.” — Igor Berger, Musical Life, Bratislava, Wednesday 16 June 1993
“Melodic strands on marimba and vibraphone coalesced and separated in a beautifully intricate way. It reminded one of an exquisite piece of Brussels lace.” — Neville Cohn, OZartsreview, Melbourne, Sunday 7 May 2000

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