Self Delectative Songs (1986)
for clarinet/bass clarinet, trumpet/flugelhorn, marimba/vibraphone, piano, cello and tape delay (or pre-recorded soundtrack)
African Journal No 6
Publisher: Bardic Edition
Playing Score BDE 956
Available from
Goodmusic Publishing
Duration: 8 1/2 minutes

First performance: 26 April 1986; Purcell Room, London; Metanoia.

Programme note
Self Delectative Songs paraphrases material from the Nyanga panpipe piece 'There cried a hippo', slowed down and orchestrated for the players of Metanoia, and uses tape delay (or a pre-recorded soundtrack) to recreate the complex polyphony of the original music.

“Michael Blake’s Self Delectative Songs fell gently and pleasingly on the ear.” — Malcolm Hayes, The Times, London, April 1986
“Coolly effective translations of Southern African folk music.” — Keith Potter, Classical Music, London, Saturday 12 July 1986

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