Taireva (We were talking) (1978–1983)
for viola (or flugelhorn), cello, harpsichord (or prepared piano) and two stereo tapes
African Journal No 5
For Jonathan
Duration: c. 10 minutes

First performance: Thursday 29 November 1984; Purcell Room, London, United Kingdom; Metanoia: Jonathan Impett flugelhorn, Helen Verney cello, Michael Blake prepared piano, John Whiting sound projection.

Programme note
Taireva (meaning ‘We were talking’ or ‘We shall speak out’) is a traditional piece found in the repertoire of Shona mbira players (in the south of Zimbabwe). I have written my own variations on ‘Taireva’ for muted flugelhorn, cello, prepared piano and two stereo tapes, the fifth piece in the cycle ‘African Journal’’. 

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