San Polyphony (1998)
for organ
Revised 1999; revised and expanded 2006
African Journal No 25

Dedicated to Gerrit Jordaan and Ere Lievonen
Commissioned by the National Arts Council of South Africa
Publisher: Bardic Edition
Score BDE 802
Available from
Goodmusic Publishing
Duration: 20 minutes

First performance: Sunday 27 September 1998; Commemoration Church, Grahamstown, South Africa; Gerrit Jordaan organ (preliminary version); Friday 15 November 2019; Het Orgelpark, Amsterdam; Ere Lievonen Utopa organ (final revised version of 2006).

Programme note
The material is derived partly from vocal counterpoint of the San (Bushmen), transcribed by Nicholas England, and partly from Shona mbira music, some of which was transcribed by Andrew Tracey and some of which I transcribed. The first performance was given on 27 September 1998 in Commemoration Church, Grahamstown, South Africa by Gerrit Jordaan. The work was slightly revised in 1999 and performed in that version, by Gerrit Jordaan, at the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown in July 2000. The original version lasted about 7 minutes. The present revised and expanded version was made in 2006, and first performed on 15 November 2019, in Het Orgelpark, Amsterdam, by Eri Lievonen.

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