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TitleDatesort iconStatus
The Hunter (1977)
for alto flute, cello
Six Eighteenth-Century Codpieces (1986)
Music (English Suite) arranged from the Symphonies of William Boyce for the dance by Michael Holmes
Pythagoras Redoubled (1988)
Music (Thirteen Inventions) for the dance by Mark Lintern Harris for two pianos
The Seasons at Home (1987-1988)
Music for an imaginary ballet for guitar and chamber ensemble (2 clarinets/bass clarinets, percussion: 2 rattles/2 woodblocks/4 tuned drums (1 player), violin, cello)
1988Parts on hire
Strange Land (1988)
Music arranged from the "Mass in B minor" by J S Bach ("Christe eleison", "Laudamus te" and "Domine deus") for the dance by Scott Clark for countertenor, clarinet/bass clarinet, harmonium/accordeon, guitar and violin
For the Off (1989)
Music (Honey Gathering Song) for the dance by Gill Clarke for flute and piano
Desire (2002)
Music for the unrealised dance by Regine Chopinot for three singers (soprano, alto, bass) and six instruments (flute, clarinet, trombone, percussion, violin, double bass)
Travellers V (2003)
Music ('Chirpy' from 'String Quartet No 1') for the dance by Gary Gordon for string quartet