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TitleDatesort iconStatus
Cum martelli incrudena (after 13th century anon) (1987)
Arrangement of 13th century anonymous for elastic scoring (2 clarinets or trumpets in Bb, guitar or harpsichord or piano, vibraphone or marimba or glockenspiel, violin or viola, cello)
Honey Gathering Song (1989; rev. 1999; transcr. 2013)
for elastic scoring (2 birbynes or flutes or oboes or clarinets, harpsichord or fortepiano or piano, with or without string trio)
Kwela (1996)
for elastic scoring
1996Parts on hire
Postcolonial Song (Homage to Percy Grainger) (2008)
for elastic scoring (4 parts, piano, rattles ad lib)