7-12 players

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Two Centenaries: Canon on Arnold Schönberg's Name & Quodlibet for Charles Ives (1974)
for alto flute/flute/piccolo, bass clarinet/clarinet in B flat, percussion (1 player: glock, timp), celesta/piano, violin, viola and cello
Fantasia on One Note (1977)
Arrangement of Purcell for flute/piccolo, bass clarinet/clarinet in Bb, percussion(1 player: marimba, glock, bells), harpsichord, guitar, violin, cello
Spring in New X (1979)
Canon for four groups of instruments (flute/piccolo, clarinet, bass clarinet; percussion (1 player: glock, xyl, bass drum), piano; mandolin, guitar; violin, viola, cello)
Hocket (1979)
for large chamber ensemble (2 cl, 2 tpt, 2 mba, 2 pf, 2 va, 2 vc)
Sub-Saharan Dances (1980-1981)
for large chamber ensemble (2 flutes, 2 clarinets, marimba, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello)
Reverie /Isimncgano (2000)
for double saxophone quartet or saxophone quartet and tape (quartet 1/live quartet: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone; quartet 2/tape: sopranino, alto, tenor, bass)
Strings and Electric Guitar (2000)
for baroque flute, baroque violin, baroque viola, viola da gamba, baroque cello, violone, harpsichord and electric guitar
2000Parts on hire
Brandenburg Floor Plan (2003)
for baroque orchestra (2 violas, 2 violas da gamba, cello, double bass, harpsichord)
Rural Arias (2007)
for singing saw (or soprano) and 11 players (alto flute/flute, oboe/cor anglais, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, bass trombone, piano, string quartet)
2007Parts on hire
Piano Concerto No 2 ("Boschpoort") (2013)
for piano and 7 instruments (flute/piccolo), bass clarinet/clarinet in Bb, trumpet in C, bass trombone, violin, viola, cello)
2013Parts on hire
Fanfare for a New Institute (2018)
for three instrumental groups in separate but connected spaces