Brandenburg Floor Plan (2003)

for baroque orchestra (2 violas, 2 violas da gamba, cello, double bass, harpsichord)

Publisher: Bardic Edition

Score BD; Parts BD in preparation

Duration: 4 minutes, 15 seconds

Programme note

Brandenburg Floor Plan was intended as some of the music for a dance commission from Regine Chopinot’s Company and Roland Hayrebedian’s Ensemble Musicatreize, with the provisional title Desire. Early in 2002 I was summoned to Paris to attend the premiere of a new work by Chopinot when the company danced to 18th century French orchestral music played on period instruments. The forces for the commissioned work were three singers and a small instrumental ensemble playing modern instruments. When the collaboration was called off later that year, I guess because of incompatibility between the choreographer’s radical, and music director’s modernist, aesthetics, I decided to rearrange the music written up to that point for the forces of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No 6 on which it was in any case based.

Brandenburg Floor Plan could be played as a pendant to J S Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No 6 BWV 1051. The design is modelled on the floor plan of the opening Allegro movement of Brandenburg 6 and draws on material from that movement as well as the Ricercar à 6 and some of the canons from The Musical Offering. It is dedicated to Regine Chopinot in visual silence.


Chamber music