Voice and Piano Repertoire

Beth Anderson Cat Songs
Gerald Barry Water Parted
Alban Berg Seven Early Songs
Joanna Beyer Sky Pieces*
Paul Bowles Once
Benjamin Britten Cabaret Songs
John Cage A Flower; The Wonderful Widow of 18 Springs
Henry Cowell Who wrote this fiendish “Rite of Spring”?
Spring Comes Singing; Summer
Ruth Crawford Seeger Five Songs
Two Ricercari
The Adventures of Tom Thumb
Dirk de Klerk Sekretarisvoël
Matteo Fargion From Hungarian Songbook
10 Tosca Songs
Charles Griffes Symphony in Yellow
Sorrel Hays Afternoon in June; Progeny; Everybody is
Charles Ives The Things Our Fathers Loved; Memories; The Circus Band; At the River; Charlie Rutlage (from 114 Songs)
Susanna Meis Orthopaedic Songs
Chris Newman Six Sick Songs
Christina Viola Oorebeek Satie and his Sense of Shoelaces
Satie Socrate
Jet te Veux; La Diva de “L’Empire”; Tendrement
Chanson; Les Fleurs; Elégie; L’Omnibus Automobile
Schoenberg Brettl-Lieder
Schubert/Chris Newman Der Zwerg*
Stravinsky The Owl and the Pussycat
Wolfgang von Schweinitz Sehr kleine Drachen Op 32
Arnold van Wyk Two Theatre Songs

* = first performance