Solo piano

Two Miniature Dance Portraits

  1. Final Slow Fox
  2. Horacio is One Hundred (c. 2'15")
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Golden Ears Rag

Dedicated to the big cats
Duration: 4'30"

à b

In memoriam Pierre Boulez
Duration: c. 20'00"


First performance: Tuesday 23 February 2016; Youngblood Gallery, 70-72 Bree Street, Cape Town, South Africa; Coila Enderstein pianoperformance details.

Programme note

For this memorial work for Pierre Boulez who died earlier this year, I appropriated seven chords from his Improvisation I sur Mallarmé,                and re-used them in various ways to simulate the sound of bells tolling. Boulez himself would probably not have countenanced this kind of music, and I was never interested to compose in the manner of Boulez, but his importance as a leading figure in the twentieth century can never be ignored.

Broken Line

Afrikosmos Book 6
Requested by and dedicated to Renee Reznek
Written during a residency at the Rockefeller Center Bellagio, June – July 2015
Published in: 
Duration: 5'15"


First performance: Wednesday 1 June 2016, 13h00; Parish Church of St John at Hampstead, Church Row, Hampstead, London NW3 6UU, United Kingdom; Renee Reznek pianoperformance details.

Programme note

Broken Line is an essay in monody; the constant chordal elements simply propel the linear design. The overall image is of a line that proceeds despite all attempts to overwrite, divert or break it. It’s like those early Kandinskian lines that survive storms, cannons, knights on horses and crumbling castles. It is music with ragged edges and a silent core, a searching for inner silence. The enormous challenge to the performer is to identify that line and sustain it. It was composed during June-July 2015 at the Rockefeller Writers Centre in Bellagio. It was requested by the dedicatee Renee Reznek, and lasts just over 5 minutes.


Requested by Nicolas Horvath for his GlassWorlds project
Published in: 
Duration: c. 2'00"


First performance: Friday 9 January 2015; Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, New York, United States; Nicolas Horvath (piano)performance details.

Programme note

To try to present the essence of Philip Glass’s monolithic work in just two minutes is a crazy undertaking. This tiny reflection on his music takes fleeting glimpses and inserts them between what would be the strong pulses or pillars in a typically Glassian texture. But the latter is never heard, only soft staccato chords - sometimes familiar, sometimes less so – notated as acciaccaturas, the music between the cracks as it were.

The hymns of Ntsikana Gaba compressed into 50 seconds for piano, as a 50th birthday offering to Daniel Matej

Requested by the Friends of Daniel Matej
CD recording by Ivan Siller (forthcoming)
Published in: 
Duration: 0'50"


First performance: Wednesday 10 September 2014; Slovak Radio Large Concert Hall, Bratislava, Slovakia; Ivan Siller pianoperformance details.

Programme note

The hymns of Ntsikana Gaba compressed into 50 seconds for piano as a 50th birthday offering to Daniel Matej was one of 50 pieces requested by Daniel Matej’s colleagues for a piano recital to mark his 50th birthday in 2013. It compresses, into 50 seconds, the four extant hymns of the Xhosa composer Ntsikana Gaba, the first known indigenous composer in South Africa.

All the White Keys

For John White on his 75th birthday
Published in: 

Programme note

All the White Keys was written to celebrate John White’s 75th birthday on 5 April 2011. To personalise the birthday message, it uses only white keys and lasts 75 seconds.

March of the New Philistines

For the Schumann bicentenary
Published in: 


First performance: Tuesday 3 September 2019; Beethoven Room, Rhodes University, Makhanda (Grahamstown), South Africa; Michael Blake pianoperformance details.

Programme note

March of the New Philistines, marking Schumann’s bicentenary, invokes the same kind of philistines who caused him so much irritation in the 19th century. Sadly these unmusical, ignorant bureau/technocrats are now a feature of 21st century musical and concert life.

Feuilles de Rose

Sally Rose
The first of a projected set of 24 preludes marking the 75th anniversary of Debussy's death.
Duration: 3'30"
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