Solo Piano Repertoire

Richard Ayres No 8
Ayo Bankole Sonata No 2 in C (The Passion)
Clarence Barlow Helmut
Alban Berg Sonate Op 1
Harrison Birtwistle Précis
Michael Blake Nightsongs*
Ways to put in the salt (Havana version)*
French Suite
Three Toys
Remembering Stravinsky…Morges, Autumn 2001
38a Hill Street Blues
Oh Clare
100 Voicings*
Hob Fragments*
Si Lu Sapo Variations*
Fragments from a Pilgrimage through Italy*
Two Studies for Prepared Piano
Busoni Sonatinas 3+, 4, 5
John Cage Amores 1, 4
A Valentine out of Season
Cheap Imitation
Music for Marcel Duchamp
The Perilous Night
Suite for Toy Piano
Rueben Caluza/Blake Umantindane*
Cornelius Cardew Volo Solo
Memories of You
The Croppy Boy
Father Murphy
Henry Cowell Aeolian Harp
The Banshee
Laurence Crane 20th Century Music
Ruth Crawford Seeger Study in Mixed Accents
Akin Euba Scenes from Traditional Life
Themes from Chaka
Matteo Fargion 11 Notturni
Piece for Piano
Morton Feldman Palais de Mari
Michael Finnissy French Piano*
John Cage; There never was such hard times before
Cibavit eos; Cozy Fanny’s Tootsies
Christopher Fox Paired Off
David Froom Ballade
Roberto Gerhard Soirées de Barcelone*
Dos Apunts
Stanley Glasser A Walk to the Country Store
Percy Grainger Now, o now, I needs must part
Stefans Grové From Songs and Dances of Africa
Paul Hanmer Two-Minute Noodles*
Nicolaus A Huber Darabukka
Charles Ives Three Improvisations
Five Takeoffs
The Alcotts (from Concord Sonata)
Leos Janacek Recollection; In Memory
Tom Johnson Tilework
Mauricio Kagel MM51, ein Stück Filmmusik für Klavier
György Ligeti Continuum+
Passacaglia Ungherese+
Hungarian Rock+
Liszt Bagatelle sans tonalité
Aux Cypresses de la Villa d’Este
Nuages Gris
Olivier Messiaen Regard des Anges; Le baiser de l’Enfant Jésus
Rüdiger Meyer Cash
Michael Mosoeu Moerane/Blake Ruri*
Morena Tlake*
Carlo Mombelli Mombellibutton Sketches
Neo Muyanga Lengae la Bosi (from Mangae a mane)*
Conlon Nancarrow Prelude
Chris Newman My Night in Newark/New Pianos
New French Tunes
Satie Douze Chorals
Trois Gymnopedies
Premier Menuet
Schoenberg Drei Klavierstücke Op 11
Sechs Klavierstücke Op 19
John Simon Farewell to Music Opus 51*
Howard Skempton Interludes from ‘Images’
Eirenicon 1-4
Three Nocturnes
Karlheinz Stockhausen Klavierstücke III, VIII, IX
Stravinsky/Lourie Symphonies of Wind Instruments
Roelof Temmingh Ses Oorblyfsels
Joshua Uzoigwe Ukom (from Talking Drums)
Wolfgang Von Schweinitz Drei Etüden Nr 1
Anton Webern Variations Op 27
Klavierstück Op posth
John White Piano Sonatas No 78, 105
Pierre-Henri Wicomb To Pulse 1
Christian Wolff Exercise 15
Stefan Wolpe Chaconne in form of a dance

* = first performance

+ = harpsichord