Let us run out of the rain (1986/1993)

for two to play at one piano or harpsichord

African Journal No 8a
Recording: Slovak Radio, Bratislava
Bardic Edition Score BD 0549
Duration: 7'30"


First performance: Monday 23 June 1986; British Music Information Centre, London, United Kingdom; Roy Stratford piano, Michael Blake pianoperformance details. Thursday 17 June 1993; Evenings of New Music, Bratislava, Slovakia; Sally Rose piano, Michael Blake pianoperformance details.

Programme note

Let us run out of the rain paraphrases Nsenga kalimba (thumb piano) music recorded in the Petauke District of Zambia (in southern Africa) by John Blacking in 1961, and transcribed by him. The tunes were composed and performed by Gideon Bingaili, Ackson Lungu, Taiad Mwanza and Ackson Zuly. It was premiered by Roy Stratford and Michael Blake at the British Music Information Centre, London on 23 June 1986.

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Audio excerpt: piano, 4 hands