warhorses (1975)

for ten-string guitar and tape

Requested by and dedicated to Simon Wynberg
Duration: 7'45"

Programme note

warhorses for ten-string guitar and tape was one of several pieces I wrote in 1975, imagined as a response of sorts to Mauricio Kagel’s “Programm: Gespräche mit Kammermusik”. “Programm” consisted of eleven short compositions for an unusual variety of instrumental and vocal combinations, each of which could also be performed independently. At Kagel’s premiere the audience sat on the stage and the performers played in the auditorium, and between each piece there was a discussion. Notable about the pieces was a deliberate absence of musical substance, the use of collage technique, a return to tonality, and so on.

warhorses takes several of the most banal pieces in the guitar repertoire and deconstructs and recycles the material against the background of a medley of the taped originals.

The same year I wrote song without words for cello and piano, but further pieces in my possible cycle of “Conversations with Chamber Music” were never developed.