Three Toys No 1 (1995)

for solo piano

Requested by Daniel Matej for the 'morceaux en forme de poire' project
Originally titled ‘A Toy’
Recorded by Jill Richards on ‘Michael Blake: Complete Works for Solo Piano 1994-2004’ (MBED001)
Published in: 
Duration: 3'00"


First performance: Sunday 11 June 1995; Evenings of New Music, Moyzes Hall, Bratislava, Slovakia; John Tilbury pianoperformance details.

Programme note

Three Toys No 1, which is based on a group of pitches from the opening of Satie's Trois Morceaux en Forme de Poire, was a request from Daniel Matej for the "morceaux en forme de poire" project premiered during the sixth edition of Evenings of New Music. The title refers to short pieces commonly found in collections of Elizabethan virginal music, but it could also refer to a spinning top which might have been the "pear shaped object" Satie had in mind...