Chamber Ensemble Repertoire


Martin Arnold Frank and Walter*
Larry Austin Second Fantasy on Ives’ Universe Symphony
Gerald Barry Bob*
Piano Quartet
Alban Berg Four Pieces Op 4
Luciano Berio O King§
Harrison Birtwistle La Plage
Michael Blake Quintet for Piano and Strings (Homage to Schumann)*
At Land*
Honey Gathering Song*
Self Delectative Songs*
Night Music*§
song without words*
Spring in New X*§
Postcolonial Song*
Jürgen Bräuninger Transfigured Ritual*
Gavin Bryars Allegrasco
The Sinking of the Titanic§
Jesus’ Blood Never Fail’d Me Yet (with choir)§
Pierre Boulez Sonatine
Sylvano Bussotti Couple
Martin Butler Humming-Bird*
John Cage Concert for Piano and Orchestra
Six Pieces for Violin and Keyboard (Piano)
Europera 5
Credo in US§
Cornelius Cardew Solo with accompaniment
Elliott Carter Pastoral
Sonata for Flute, Oboe, Cello and Harpsichord
Cello Sonata
Michael Chant In Tribute to the Memory of Comrade Hardial Bains*
Aldo Clementi Invenzione
Sonata for Trumpet, Guitar and Piano
Studi for Trumpet, Violin and Piano
Aaron Copland Quartet for Piano and Strings
Henry Cowell Piano Trio in 9 Short Movements
Four Declamations with a Return
Hymn and Fuguing Tune No 9
Six Casual Developments for Clarinet and Piano
Suite for Violin and Piano
Ritual of Wonder
Laurence Crane Three Melodies
Ruth Crawford Seeger Suites 1 & 2
Violin Sonata
Music for Small Orchestra
Three Songs
George Crumb Vox Balaenae
Maria de Alvear Songs of Creation*
In the Spirit of Roses: Roots III*
James Erber Chiaroscuro*
Night Music with Doubles
Night Music 2*
Matteo Fargion Pinkelpause*
Trio for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Piano*
Piano Trio No 2*
Piano Quartet*
Senza Titolo (50 Pieces for Violin and Piano)
Float Weave*
Morton Feldman Spring of Chosroes
Piano Trio
Voice, Violin and Piano
The Viola in My Life 1 & 2§
Christopher Fox Rough Darkness*
Heliotrope 7
Michael Finnissy Delal*
Peter Garland Three Strange Angels
Penasco Blanco; Monkey: Posterior (His Postlude)
Roberto Gerhard Sonata for Cello and Piano
Percy Grainger Random Round
Handel in the Strand§
Scotch Strathspey and Reel§
The Lost Lady Found§
Gamelan Anklung§
Michael Graubart Three Bagatelles
Iain Hamilton Five Scenes
John Harbison Bermuda Triangle
Charles Ives Largo
Second Sonata for Violin and Piano
Set for Trumpet and Piano*
Over the Pavements§
The Unanswered Question§
The Circus Band§
A Set of Pieces for Theatre or Chamber Orchestra§
All the Way Around and Back§
Set No 1 for Small Orchestra (selection)§
From the Steeples and Mountains§
Holiday Quickstep§
Adrian Jack Piano Trio*
Zoltán Jeney Variation on a Theme of Christian Wolff
Tom Johnson Predictables
Self-Portrait (box mover)
Four Note Opera
Maurico Kagel Klangwölfe
Unguis incarnatus est
Peter Klatzow Sonata for Violin and Piano
David Kosviner Deciso
David Lang Vent
István Láng Rhymes§
Theo Loevendie Aulos
Jacques de Vos Malan Irana's Changing Face Again*§
String Quartet with Chimes*§
Bunita Marcus Adam and Eve
Lecture for Jo Kondo
Sleeping Women
Untrammeled Thought
Two Pianos and Violin
Steve Martland Duo for Trumpet and Piano
Daniel Matej (“Nikabrik” or “Trumpkin”?)
Peter Maxwell Davies Ave Maris Stella
Sonata for Trumpet and Piano Op 1
Missa super l’homme armé§
Fantasia and Two Pavans§
Points and Dances from Taverner§
Psalm 124§
Renaissance Scottish Dances§
Eight Songs for a Mad King§
Olivier Messiaen Le Merle Noir
Rüdiger Meyer Two Hockets (chamber ensemble)*§
Michael Moerane/Blake Sylvia*
Carlo Mombelli Meshes of the Afternoon*
Barbara Monk Feldman Piano Trio
Duo for Piano and Percussion
Choice of Words
Chris Newman Belgium*
Untitled Cycle from 1984*
Norbert Nowotny and Don Maclennan Oskar Wolberheim Revisited
Martijn Padding Harmony Pricker
Arvo Pärt Fratres (violin and piano)
Berliner Messe (choir and organ)§
Henri Pousseur Mnemosyne
Icare Apprenti
Bernard Rands Déjà§
Steve Reich Clapping Music
Music for Pieces of Wood
Kálmán Richter One by one they appear in the darkness*
Memento 1956*§
Dane Rudhyar Three Melodies
Erik Satie Entr’acte§
Musique d'Ameublement§
Dieter Schnebel Lied ohne Wörte
Alfred Schnittke Cello Sonata
Arnold Schönberg Serenade Op 24§
Pierrot Lunaire§
Schönberg/Webern Chamber Symphony Op 9
Hugh Shrapnel Four Pieces for Violin and Piano*
Julian Silverman Dizzy Spells*
Nikos Skalkottas Concertino for Trumpet and Piano
Howard Skempton Piano Trio*
Finding Home*
In Tandem
Karlheinz Stockhausen Tierkreis
Pöle für Zwei
Aus dem sieben Tagen
Strauss/Schönberg Rosen aus dem Süden§
Igor Stravinsky Pastorale
Morton Subtonick After the Butterfly§
Viktor Ullmann Der Kaiser von Atlantis
Joshua Uzoigwe Ukom from ‘Talking Drums’
Klaas van Oostveen Tre Pezzi for Trumpet and Piano
Edgard Varèse Octandre§
Philip Vietri Sei Canzoni Secondo Giuseppe Ungaretti*§
Claude Vivier Pulau Dewata
Kevin Volans Into Darkness*§
Walking Song
Anton Webern Drei kleine Stücke Op 10
Cello Sonata
Two Pieces for Cello and Piano (1899)
Quartet Op 22§
Konzert Op 24§
Kurt Weill Kleine Dreigroschenmusik§
Cello Sonata
Nicholas Wilson C.PH.E*
Christian Wolff Rosas
For Morty
Brich den Hungrigen dein Brot
Stefan Wolpe From here on farther
Quartet for Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Piano and Percussion
Trio in Two Parts
Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph Five Pieces for Woodwind Quartet and Soprano§
Walter Zimmermann Geduld und Gelegenheit

* = first performance

§ = conductor