Music not of place, but of time. Blake is not unsure of who he is and where he lives. He is not obsessed with Africa, nor is he chained to ‘the West’. He is perhaps the first South African composer to be unselfconsciously an African composer. His are the blueprints and stratagems of a new cosmopolitan South African sound.
The Musical Times (Winter 2011)

Forthcoming events

17 December 2016, 18h00 | Germany
Friedrich Gauwerky (cello); Daan Vandewalle (piano)

The concert also includes the world premiere of Sonata for Cello and Piano ("Hours with the Masters"), composed November 2015 - September 2016, for Friedrich Gauwerky and Daan Vandewalle.

18 January 2017 | Austria
6 – 9 February 2017 | Germany

Wergo CD production of complete cello output, with and without piano: song without words (1975), Connectivity (2008), The Philosophy of Composition (in memory of Don Maclennan) (2009) and Cello Sonata ('Hours with the Masters') (2016); Pentimenti (2012) and the richter scale (2015) for solo cello; and A Fractured Landscape (in memoriam Edward Said) (2009) for solo piano. 

3 March 2017 | South Africa
Ivo Nilsson (alto trombone); Jonny Axelsson (vibraphone)